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Muslim Brothers of Indian Subcontinent: It's Time for Homecoming, Part II by Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari

Sacrificer           Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari
Sacrifice code       wfor0441
Sacrifice date       09 Sep, 2008

Muslim Brothers of Indian Subcontinent: It's Time for Homecoming, Part II
by Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari

09 Sep, 2008

Editor note: We are in favor of leaving religions altogether. However, this article is published here, because, a peaceful appeal to Muslims for their return to their roots, from which they were brutalized to accept Islam, deserves a place here and everywhere else.

Islamic God Allah

Muslim intellectuals try to convince that by embracing Islam they are following monotheism, which is far superior to polytheism of Hinduism. According to them, Islam is the only religion that is strictly monotheistic, as its followers worship only one God Allah. But it seems, from Koran and other Islamic scriptures, that Allah is not confident that he is the only God in the world (not in the universe as Allah is aware only about heaven and earth).

Had Allah been the only God, it would not have been possible for man to find another God to worship.. And had Allah been confident that there is no other God except him, he should not have been jealous of another God. For example, let us imagine a village where there is only one well as the source of fresh water. Hence there would not have been any difference whether the villagers drink water from a glass or from a pitcher, or from a jug. And as there is not an alternative source, it must have been derived from that lone well. In a similar manner, if Allah knew that there is no other God, he would have been confident that people will not find another God to worship.

But the behavioral pattern of Allah suggests that he is not confident that he is the only God. He seems always to be suspicious that there may be other Gods and people may worship those Gods instead of him and thus they may create a partner to him. So the scared Allah warns man not to worship another God or create a partner to him and says,

"Say, 'people of the Book, let us come to an agreement: that we will worship none but Allah, that we will associate none with Him, and that none of us shall set up mortals as deities besides Allah" [Qurab 3:64, tr: N J Dawood, the word 'God' replaced by 'Allah', because, according to Dr Zakir Naik, 'God' is not a true translation of 'Allah'].

In this context, it should be mentioned here that, as the Hindu God is confident that He is the only God in this universe, He does not become jealous of another God. Bhagavadgitâ 9: 23 says,

"O Kaunteya (Arjuna), even those who worship other gods with devotion (bhakti), they do really worship Me, though the rite differ from the norm" (tr: R C Zaehner).

The Hindu God does not become angry and say, "you have committed the foulest sin by worshiping other gods or associating partner (shirk) with Me and I shall throw you in hell fire as a punishment for this sin, because He is confident that He is the only God, and no one could find another God to worship.

To speak the truth, Allah is not a god at all. Allah is a cruel tyrant, a brutal killer and a violent despot. Evidently, the Islamic Umma has excelled the rest of humanity in criminality on earth. Their criminal behavior is fostered by Allah's violent teachings for establishing Himself as the sole God of the world (not of the universe). Allah is always scared that a member of his Muslim gang may slip out of his grip and start to worship another God, probably the real creator of the universe. So he has enforced strict law that if any one of his gang tries to desert Him, he should immediately be put to death for apostasy. This is similar to standing rule of underworld criminal gangs. If a member of the gang leaves it, even with the intention of leading a decent life, the other members of the gang murder him instantly fearing that he may disclose their secrets.

Though the Muslim clerics treacherously portray Hinduism as a polytheist religion, only to highlight the crude and false monotheism of Islam, Hinduism is the oldest monotheistic religion in the world. Hinduism may appear to a commoner to be a polytheistic creed with many deities. But at its heart, Hinduism is absolutely monotheistic. In Hinduism, God (or Îshvara) is one, but deities are many.. The deities are only the manifestations of the one supreme God (Ishvara or Brahma). The Rigveda says,

· God is one but people call Him by many names like Agni, yama, Matariúva etc. [RV 1/164/46]

· With fair wings though there is only One (bird), sages imagine many [RV 10/114/5]

So, when Muslim clerics describe Hinduism as a polytheistic religion and ridicule Hindus for worshiping many Gods, they display their utter ignorance about even the basic ideas of Hinduism. While commenting on this aspect of Hinduism, Abdul Aziz al-Aman, a renowned Bengali author and publisher, writes, "The doctrine of monotheism is much deeper and pervasive in the philosophy of the Upanisads… So, there is no doubt that, before the revelation of the Koran, monotheism had been well established in Vedas in India " (Preface of the Koran, tr. by Girish Chandra Sen).

According to Muslim scholars, Allah is best defined by 4 verses of the 112th Sura (Sura Ekhlas) of the Holy Koran that says, "Say; Allah is one, the eternal Allah. He begot none, nor was He begotten.. None is equal to Him" [tr: N J Dawood].
Let us investigate the real nature of Allah as narrated in the Koran and reliable Hadith. Islamic scriptures cannot say what Allah was doing before he created this heaven and earth. However, a hadith throws some light on it and says, "I asked the Prophet, 'Where was Allah before His creation?' Muhammad replied: 'He was in a cloud with no air underneath or above it" (Tabari I:204 ). But the question remains: Who created those clouds in which Allah took shelter, before Allah had begun his creation?

As Muslims do not worship the idol of Allah, many believe that Islamic Allah is formless. But the notion is entirely wrong. Islamic Allah has a physical body, which is 60 cubit tall (Shahih Muslim 6809). Furthermore, Allah's appearance is like a human being, as Allah created Adam in his own image (SM 2872). Another Hadith (SM 6325) says that a Muslim, during a conflict, should not deface another Muslim, as Allah has created every human face like that of his own. This Hadith confirms the notion that the physical appearance of Allah is more or less like human beings, but he is 60 cubits tall and, perhaps, he remains invisible to man. Quran 6:101 says that Allah does not have a wife; this confirms that Allah is almost a male human being, but he has extraordinary miraculous power (qudrah). Moreover, Allah is a sexually capable man.

During the life-time of Prophet Muhammad, a debate arose between the Jews and the Christians of Medina, where the Prophet himself was present. In that debate, the Jews were refuting the claim of Christians that Jesus was the son of Allah. The Jews ridiculed the Christians and said, "Did Allah sleep with Maryam?" This could have been a basis for the Christians to establish their claim. But the Prophet was not ready to admit the same as in that case Allah could have been convicted of committing adultery as Maryam was already married. At last, the Prophet could settle the dispute by saying that, as Allah had created Adam from clay by his extraordinary miraculous power (qudrah), in a similar manner, Allah created Jesus in Maryam's womb with his qudrah. The incident confirms beyond all doubt that Islamic Allah is almost a male human being capable of procreating a baby in the womb of a woman by sexual intercourse. [The incident has been narrated in KABAR PATHEY (On the Road to Kabaa),Vol. 2, p. 190) by the reputed Bengali author Abdul Aziz al Aman]. One may note here that, though Allah is a male human being, his masculinity has ever remained unused, as he has no spouse and he does not commit adultery with any other woman. So, it becomes evident that, though Allah is a sexually capable masculine, his masculinity has never been put to use.

In this context, it is important to note that, in one of his lectures on the Similarities Between Hinduism and Islam, Dr Naik tells a naked lie that the Quranic Allah is 'genderless'. But we have seen above that, Islamic Allah is almost a male human being. However, the present author cannot read Arabic and hence he is unable to say what is written in Arabic Koran. But in all its English translations, the authors have mentioned Allah as "He". Had Allah been projected genderless in Arabic Koran, they would have used the word "It", instead of "He".

In addition to a 60-cubit tall physical body, Allah has human attributes like vengeance, envy, cruelty and so on. Due to his enviousness, Allah becomes violently angry when a man worships any other God besides Him. He punishes such sinners with grievous punishment (azab), either in this world or with hell-fire in the next life. Moreover, Allah is highly biased or discriminative. He is most merciful (Rahmanir-rahim) only to Muslims, but a cruel despot, a ferocious demon, to non-Muslims. A imagined god with such humanly body and attributes is incapable of withstanding the onslaught of time, cannot be eternal. Such a deity is bound to age and ultimately perish all humans.

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