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Press Release Book: 'Holland: Paradise or Hell?' by Dewanand

Sacrificer           dewanand
Sacrifice code       bookholland
Sacrifice date       10 April 2010
In his new nonfiction book Holland: Paradise of Hell? (published by AuthorHouse), debut author Dewanand reveals the good, the bad and the ugly parts about living in Holland, a country known around the world for clogs, windmills, tulips, cheeses, dunes , homosexuals, drugs and going Dutch.

Now you can experience the typical fruits of the Dutch paradise first-hand by exploring its real networking economy, its social securities, its caretaking and its rich, historical culture. Moreover, the dark side of the Netherlands is revealed as well in as well as a sandbox of chilling, real-life examples of poverty and crime.

Explore this complicated society and its people with the best inside information about living in Holland and about the unique ways Dutch people live, think, make love and suffer in their paradise, which sometimes ought to be a real hell in Dewanand's insightful and reliable Holland: Paradise of Hell?, a book which offers quality information as it addresses culture with wit and humour.

Born in Surinam in 1966, Dewanand is a writer and researcher living in the Netherlands. He studied mechanical engineering at the Delft University of Technology. He has had Dutch-language articles published in Multined, Surinam Weeknews, Hindorama and Hindulife ezine, and almost 200 critical articles in Dutch have been published on his international website, www.dewanand.com. Holland: Paradise of Hell? is the first book Dewanand has published in English and globally distributed.


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  • Contents, see all chapters of book: 'Holland: Paradise or Hell?'

  • This book is now available all over the world.
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