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"Islamophobia" and other made up words - Ali Sina

Sacrificer           Ali Sina
Sacrifice code       wfor0262
Sacrifice date       25 march 2009

"Islamophobia" and other made up words - Ali Sina

The following message was emailed to me by Mr.
Iftikhar Ahmad the director of London School of
Islamics. My response is in continuation.

London School of Islamics

An Educational Trust

63 Margery Park Road London E7 9LD
Email: info@l...


Tel/Fax: 0208 555 2733 / 07817 112 667


Islamophobia and Arabophobia has been part of western
culture since the Crusades, with Saddam and Osama only
the latest in a long line of Arab bogeymen. The real
reason for the current spate of Islamophobia is the
fact that Islam has been the fastest growing religion
in the world and as such poses a threat to the West.
This is happening inspite of widespread misconceptions
and negative media portrayed of Islam.

Prejudice against Islam in the West developed due to
historic rivalry of Christianity against Islam. The
defeat of Christians by the Muslims in Crusades was a
big shock for the Christian world. These deep wounds
are still so fresh in the Christian world today that
the parents, media, politicians and teachers feel it a
duty to nurture the feelings of prejudice against
Islam in the hearts and minds of their young
generations. According to Runnymede Trust, Britain has
become "an institutionally Islamophobic" society in
which Muslims are demonised. Hostility towards Muslims
is still a major problem and is not being taken
seriously enough by race relations bodies. According
to Dr. Richard Stone, there is now renewed talk of a
clash of civilizations, a new global cold war, and
mounting concern that the already fragile foothold
gained by Muslim communities in Britain is threatened
by ignorance and intolerance. According to John Gieve
of the Home office, Islamic extremism might be a
"symptom of disaffection". The same disaffection
previously surfaced during the riots that shook Oldham
and Bradford in 2001.

Jews and Christian scholars, the so called Western
Orientals have always tried to mispresent Islam in
their writings. They have always tried to spread
baseless lies against Islam in a very authentic and
scholarly style, hiding their deep rooted hatred
against Islam. They have called all efforts to restore
pure Islam in Muslim countries as "fundamentalist
movements" against modern-day material progress and
economic development. Lacy O'Leary in the book "Islam
at the cross road": "history makes it clear however,
that the legend of fanatical Muslims sweeping through
the world and forcing Islam at the point of the sword
upon conquered races is one of the most fantastically
absurd myth that historians have ever repeated." Even
Gandhi refuted the false propaganda, otherwise, one
could not find even a single Hindu or non-Muslim in
the Indian sub-continent and on top of that Sikhism
could not dare to emerge as a religion. India would be
the largest Muslim country in the world. In the 20th
century new images emerged, the fanatical terrorist,
the stone-thrower and the suicide bomber. According to
Lord Carey, there was a deep-rooted Islamophobia in
Britain . There is a worrying ignorance of Muslim
people and suspicion of their presence in the United
Kingdom. It is assumed by many that Muslims wish to
take over `our country and if we allow them to enter
Britain in significant numbers they will in time make
the country Islamic'.

Mr. Denis MacShane, the Minister for Europe urged
British Muslims to adopt the "British norms" and not
the way of the "terrorists", in other words "Islamic
way". He provoked Muslims to choose between the
"British way" and the way of terrorism." Monica Ali's,
who was mis-educated and de-educated by the British
education system, portrays Bangladeshi Muslims in
Brick Lane as backward, uneducated and
unsophisticated. This is the main reason why her book
was selected for Guardian First Book Award. The
content of the book is a despicable insult to Bengali
Muslims at home and abroad. The book can be compared
to Salman Rushdie's Stanic Verses. The combined
forces of racial discrimination and Islamophobia have
been awesome in the marginalisation and alienation of
the Muslim community. Muslims made to feel like an
enemy within by Islamophobic attitudes. Hardening
prejudice against Islam is creating a dis-affected
underclass of young Muslims "time-bombs" likely to
explode into violence, according to a recent report.
Life for Britain 1.6 million Muslims has never been
easy. For decades they have struggled in the face of
discrimination in all walks of life. West is not based
on Judio-Christian civilisation. This term should be
abandoned to be replaced by Judio-Christian-Islamic
civilisation. The new language should be used in all
venues starting with media, academic statements by
politicians, church leaders and Imams of Masajid.
These are the words that define how we are related to
each other's.

Through out the modern history, Muslims have
contributed for the Renaissance of Western culture and
society. Islamic values are not only compatible with
the western values they are almost identical. Islamic
ideas helped shape the European West that produced the
values cherished by the constitution's framers.
Western culture is infact based on Muslim culture. The
aim of education is to give the highest possible
standard in order to advance spiritually, emotionally,
technologically and economically. The early Muslim
knew this and they were instrumental in giving the
west much of the scientific knowledge that has once
helped it to thrive.

Bernard Shah once said that the future religion of the
West would be Islam and only Islam. Islamophobia is
guiding Westerners towards that end. They study with
open mind the Holy Quran and Islamic literature and
poetry. Islam is a force fighting Imperialism. Read
the greatest book of revolution: The Holy Quran. Meet
the greatest revolutionary of all times: Muhammad
(peace be upon him). In America a great number of
universities, colleges and schools are offering
Islamic Studies courses. There is a possibility that
in the near future half of native population would
revert to Islam. In fact Islamophobia is a blessing in

Iftikhar Ahmad

by Ali Sina

Dear Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad

I am afraid you are living in Lah Lah land. First of
all Islam is not the fastest growing religion. Yes
Muslims do procreate faster but this is the nature of
all poor and uneducated people. Secondly there are
more Muslims leaving Islam than any other religion
losing their followers. Please wake up and smell the

Now the real reason for Islamophobia is because many
Muslims are active terrorists. They kill people.
Aren't you watching the news?

Then we have people like you who brazenly deny the
real cause of Islamophobia and accuse the terrorized
people of paranoia and misunderstanding, hence adding
more insults to the injury and give more reasons for
people to fear Islam and consider it the religion of a
people incapable of rational thought.

Islam does not pose any threat for being, as you put
it, "the fastest growing religion". It is not the
fastest growing religion! And even if it were no one
would give a damn, just as no one gives a damn to the
growth of Falun Gong, which by having over 100 million
adherents in just 10 years is the actual fastest
growing religion. The threat of Islam does not come
from its alleged and bogus fast rate of growth but
from your terrorist brethrens, your holy book of
terror and your barefaced denial.

You accuse the Westerners of being prejudiced against
Islam and being rancorous for the defeat of the
crusaders. It is this absurd and mindless thinking
that is frightening. What prejudice are you talking
about when Muslims can even run for political offices
in these so called "Christian" countries and they
enjoy all the benefits that other citizens have?
Compare that to the plight of the Christians and other
minorities in Islamic countries. What rights do they
have? ...None!

You talk about the loss of crusaders? Sir, the
"Christians" have won! They won long time ago. The
very fact that you have left your poor and
Islam-devastated country and have come to their doors
to seek a better life is proof enough that they have
won. What have the Muslims won? Are they
technologically more advanced? Are they better
educated? Are they more democratic? Is the index of
crime lower in Islamic countries? Are they happier?
What can you show forth as the proof that you have
won? "Historic rivalry of Christianity against
Islam"?... Methinks your mind has been left behind in
the middle Ages. Sir, people are afraid of Islam
because your fellow coreligionists are killing them
not because of what happened centuries ago. Most of
them do not even know what happened in crusades. Some
of them are so deluded that even have issued apologies
for the crusades. You are talking nonsense. …
"Crusades" eh?... "Historic rivalry of Christianity
against Islam"? You are so depressingly funny!

Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad, for your information, people in
the West do not care anymore about Christianity,
crusades and what happened 900 or 400 years ago.
Unlike Muslims who are stuck in the past, they are
living in the 21st century and they have their own
concerns. It is not just the Europeans who are
becoming Islamophobic. Also the Koreans, the Japanese
and nations that had nothing to do with crusades are
growing Islamophobic. There are many who were born
into Islam and now are Islamophobic. We are all
becoming Islamophobic because Islam is a religion of
terror. Muhammad promised to "instill terror in the
hearts of the unbelievers". (Quran 8:12) Your prophet
has succeeded. Now the world fears Islam. Your
unwillingness to accept responsibility and blame the
victims of paranoia makes Islam look even more
hideous. You are the living testament that Islam is an
insanity that if not contained it will blow up the

You accuse Jew and Christian scholars of
misrepresenting Islam. I am neither Jew nor Christian.
Yet I declare that they are not misrepresenting Islam.
I read the Quran, the Hadith and enough of the history
of Islam to know Islam is not a religion but a
dangerous cult, created by a controlling and sadistic
cult leader. I have proven this point without a shadow
of doubt. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong and I
will remove this site with an apology. This challenge
is four years old and I am still waiting.

You claim: "forcing Islam at the point of the sword
upon conquered races is one of the most fantastically
absurd myths that historians have ever repeated." And
you call those who say such thing liars. Tell me which
history you read? Is Tabari good enough? How Islam
came to Iran, Egypt, Spain or India? Millions died
defending their courtiers against marauding Muslims -
80 millions were massacred only in India. Those
wretched souls were your own ancestors. This was the
biggest holocaust. Now you are siding with the
murderers of your ancestors and say it is just a
"fantastically absurd myth"? Are you trying to rewrite
the history? Where do you think these "pure" Islamists
get their inspiration to bomb, behead and murder
innocent people? Isn't it all in the examples set by
Muhammad and his explicit instructions in the Quran?

Ironically, you are calling upon the non-Muslims, not
to be prejudiced against the Muslims but at the same
time you threaten that the "Hardening prejudice
against Islam is creating a dis-affected underclass of
young Muslims `time-bombs' likely to explode into
violence". With that kind of statement do you really
expect people to believe Islam is a religion of peace?
So basically what you say is that people must agree
that Islam is a religion of peace otherwise there
would be violence! What is deplorable in all this is
that you think your readers are stupid.

You are demanding the westerners to use
"Judeo-Christian-Islamic" term when they refer to
their civilization. Shouldn't you first go back to
your own country of birth and demand that the Jews and
Christians be recognized as humans before making such
an outlandish demand? You have come to the West and
despise everything the western civilization stands
for. All you dream of is to destroy it and establish
your Islamic intolerant way of life. And now you have
the audacity to demand that Islam be recognized as a
contributor to this civilization? What has been the
contribution of Islam to the western civilization?

You claim that "Islamic values are not only compatible
with the western values they are almost identical." Do
the Westerners practice polygamy, wife-beating,
stoning, hand-chopping, flogging, beheading,
clitoridectomy or honor-killing? What is it that you
find identical between the western civilization and
the Islamic barbarity? Is democracy an Islamic value
adopted by the Westerners? Is the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights an Islamic concept?

You say "Western culture is in fact based on Muslim
culture". Sir, Islam does not have a culture. What you
mistake as Islamic culture is the culture of the
civilized countries that Islam subdued. That culture
is destroyed now. Is there any reference to Algebra,
Chemistry, Astronomy, architecture, Medicine of
philosophy and independent thoughts in the Quran? Does
Islam encourage poetry, painting, dance or music?
These are the foundations of any culture and Islam has
nothing to do with them. Many of the exponents of
these sciences and arts were apostates. The terrorism
however, is very Islamic. Quran is full of verses that
advocate murder, decapitation, genocide and terror. So
you can say "Islamic terrorism" but you can't say
"Islamic culture".

Finally you said one thing that I wholeheartedly agree
and that is "read the Quran". I did, and I left Islam
after that. I urge everyone to read that book, as you
said, with open mind. No one can write a book more
damaging to Islam than the Quran. All we need to
discredit Islam is to quote the Quran and the Hadith.

In the interest of humanity, I urge both Muslims and
non-Muslims to read the Quran. Discover for yourself
the stupidity of this book and feel its violence. Then
I ask everyone not to remain indifferent. Muslims;
please leave Islam. If you don't like what you see, if
you are not a terrorist yourself and do not support
it, then leave Islam. Islam is a cult of terror.
Muhammad was not a prophet. He was a terrorist and a
psychopath no better than Hitler. You owe this mad man
nothing. Just leave Islam and don't be a fool. Don't
let the ghost of a psychopath control you with his
fables or hell and God's punishment. God will not
punish you for using your brain. That man lied. If you
are truly a good person, you have no reason to call
yourself a Muslim. You can't have your cake and eat it
too. Just as a member of the Nazi party can't claim
innocence with the excuse that he is not a racist, you
can't be innocent while you support a cult of terror
such as Islam. If you are not a racist, why join the
Nazi party? If you are not a terrorist why call
yourself a Muslim?

If you are a non-Muslim I urge you also to read the
Quran. It won't take you long to see the violence and
hate that emanates from that book. Once you come to
see that Islam is not a religion but a dangerous lie,
then stop being polite about it lest you hurt the
Muslims' sensibilities. Be truthful! Call a spade a
spade. Do not sacrifice the truth at the altars of
political correctness. Muslims need to be jolted to
reality. Let them feel the heat. They have been too
comfortable for too long. They must end this
complacency. They must be forced to go back to their
"holy" book and rethink about their belief. Once they
come to know the real "pure" Islam, most of them will
leave this cult. Then it would be easy to see who is a
terrorist. This will also weaken the terrorists. Where
do you think the terrorists get their unlimited supply
of new recruits? The terrorists are these very average
Muslims who heed to the call of Muhammad and rise to
fight the disbelievers. Q.8:65,

Islam is not a religion based on logics or reason. It
is based on lies and on hypes, like the myth of "Islam
is the fastest growing religion". When the hype is
busted, Islam will disappear, just as you puncture a
balloon with a needle.

The exodus has already begun. Everyday more and more
Muslims are learning the bitter truth about Islam and
are leaving it. When this number reaches a critical
mass, the whole edifice of Islam will crumble under
its own weight. It will happen at once and it will
happen in our own lifetime. Where did communism go?
What happened to Nazism? Islam will go the same way.
Do not be daunted by the big number of Muslims. Most
of them are our future allies in this battle of good
vs. evil. Islam is like a giant edifice built on
shallow foundations of lies. No matter how big it may
be, it will come down at once. We are not taking it
apart brick by brick. That would take another thousand
years. We are dynamiting its foundations. You can help
by standing firm and not lying to yourself and to your
Muslim friend about his religion so as to not hurt his
feelings. Damn with his feelings; let us save the
world, his life, your life and everybody else's.

And you Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad; If you call this
Islamophobia, you aint seen nothing yet!

And invitation was sent to Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad to join
the discussion and defend his position. We hope that
he will accept our invitation, unless he feels
comfortable to haul only where there is no one
disagreeing with him.

A note to the students of Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad:

Please remind Mr. Ahmad to respond to this message and
discuss this matter with your classmates. The
renaissance of Muslim world depends on the Muslim


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